Chimney Sweeping

Professional chimney sweeping in Chorley

Is your chimney a fire hazard?

A buildup of creosote, soot or tar in a chimney is a fire risk. We will provide the efficient services required to ensure the safety of your home and the efficiency of your chimney system.


We offer an effective, safe sweep with method statement and risk assessment:


  • On arrival, the floors and surrounding areas will be covered with clean dust sheets
  • The method of sweeping will be ascertained to suit the type of chimney or flue to be swept
  • The chimney opening is sealed to avoid soot ingress into the room with an industrial vacuum cleaner on site
  • When sweeping is complete any soot and debris is removed and taken away
  • The chimney is smoke tested to ensure effective up-draught
  • A visual inspection of the chimney pot is made to advise suitability
  • A certificate which will include any recommendations such as fitting of carbon monoxide alarm and advice on required ventilation will be issued

We use a range of methods to ensure effective and efficient chimney cleaning:

Traditional Rod and Brush: This system has been used since chimney sweeping began many years ago. A suitable size brush is chosen and rods are added until the brush passes through the chimney pot. The cleaning process is then carried out removing rods as each section is completed.


Rotary Power Sweeping: This is a relatively new system which involves the use of spring-loaded button lock rods and a similar type brush head to a garden strimmer. The bottom rod is connected to a hand held drill which rotates the head throughout the chimney at high speed. This is a very effective system, other head attachments can be used to remove stubborn tar and creosote deposits within the chimney.


Vipers: Vipers come in many forms and are generally used to sweep lined solid fuel stoves and many other flues. Instead of attaching individual rods they have a continuous fibreglass rod with a plastic coating which is fed up the chimney as with other methods. There are various types of vipers. Common ones are floor standing and handheld. They are used through inspection doors that are usually installed within the stove pipe.

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